Mobilab- Readings

Connecting and Transforming the Future of Transportation: A Brief and Practical Primer for Implementing Sustainable Door-To-Door Transportation Systems in Communities and Regions World Wide.

IBM Webinar on the Future of the Automobile

Mahesh, Zellner, Zielinski. Emerging Private Sector Roles in Urban Transport: A Case Study of an Innovative Telecom-GIS Solution in Bangalore.

International Journal article on SMART / Ford and New Mobility / New Mobility industry development.

Business Outlook Magazine (India’s largest business mag) – Convergence is the Word. 

Nigel Melville and Nilima Achwal – SMART Business Case Study (Davidson Institute) . 

Peter Plumeau, Hyun A Park (Spy Pond). Joe Castiglione, Perry Lubin, Susan Zielinski (SMART). Long-Range Strategic Issues Facing the Transportation Industry: NCHRP and TRB Report. December 2010 Workshop Report. March 2011.

National Academy of Engineering on Next Generation of Transportation.

Comparative Metropolitan Accessibility Index.

National Academy of Engineering Grand Challenges.

DC National Journal Transportation Expert Blog.

Veolia. Jules & Julie. 3-minute video demonstrating door to door IT enhanced multi-modal transportation

ICF Consulting, Moving the Economy. Building a New Mobility Industry Cluster in the Toronto Region. Executive Summary. 2002.

NM Agenda

Ford Motor Press release on New Mobility / UMICH partnership 

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