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What is the Mobi Platform?
What is the Mobi Platform FOR?
Why would I want to CONNECT?
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What is the Mobi Platform?

Good things come in threes. SMART’s Mobi Platform hosts:

  1. The MobiNetA global network of New Mobility innovators.
  2. The MobiPrizeAn award for New Mobility entrepreneurs and enterprise.
  3. The MobiLabA resource and support space for New Mobility ventures.


What is the Mobi Platform FOR?

SMART’s Mobi Platform is designed to:

  • find, promote, connect, and support entrepreneurs, investors, and accelerators in the New Mobility space
  • advance New Mobility enterprise as a mainspring of the New Mobility industry that will supply the future of transportation



  • transportation is at a tipping point as the world urbanizes and gets more complex.
  • entrepreneurs world-wide are coming up with some of the most exciting and sustainable solutions to the most wicked transportation challenges of our time.
  • entrepreneurs and investors and accelerators need a little help in doing this.


Why would I want to CONNECT?

  • If you’re an entrepreneur: the Mobi Platform can promote, connect and support your venture. You can be on the radar of potential investors, supporters, partners and customers. You can also receive the weekly Mobi Monday news and gain access to all kinds of knowledge and support. And you can even apply for and win a MobiPrize.
  • If you’re an investor/big business: the Mobi Platform can help you source great ideas and investments at the vanguard of the global New Mobility market. It can also keep you up to date on latest trends and business models and emerging markets in the space. By sponsoring a MobiPrize you can crowd source ventures that are specific to your interests.
  • If you’re a local, state, or national leader: the Mobi Platform can help you source sustainable transportation suppliers, cut costs, advance your New Mobility industry cluster, and increase your regional livability and competitiveness factor by encouraging New Mobility innovation both for local application and for export. And by adopting innovative and catalytic and supportive practices you can even win a MobiPrize
  • If you’re an academic or professional researcher, the Mobi Platform can help generate important questions and hopefully some good answers. It is a growing global databank that can support data-driven knowledge about trends, needs, and opportunities.
  • If you’re a policy maker: the Mobi Platform can provide information on trends and needs in the New Mobility enterprise and industry space. It can inform policy and legislation related to transportation, innovation, information technology and cyber-security, land use, housing, social service, environment, energy, economic development … all the policy areas related to the future of transportation
  • If you’re an engaged citizen, the Mobi Platform can inform and inspire. Perhaps even enough to move you to support or volunteer to help Mobi efforts or to launch your own venture!
  • If you’re a funder or sponsor: the Mobi Platform has a bucket list! Through Mobi Monday and regular surveys of our network, we hear what entrepreneurs and investors need to advance their piece of the New Mobility landscape, all in support of a more sustainable, equitable, prosperous world. But we can’t get through the list without your help. If you’re inspired to support the Mobi Platform, read further…


Where did Mobi come from? 

The MobiPrize was created by UM-SMART with the generous support of the Rockefeller Foundation in 2012 as part of a larger project called “Catalyzing the New Mobility in Cities.” The idea was to explore and advance the emerging entrepreneurial space in New Mobility globally. What was happening? Where was it going?  How could it be enhanced and accelerated?

A prize was developed not only to honour excellence, but also to help to “crowd source” some of the great innovations already on the ground, and to learn more about what entrepreneurs need to keep their particular ventures going and growing. We thought it might also help us understand what is needed to spur entrepreneurial innovation in general. It seemed to work. In 2012 we received a flurry of great submissions and presented three prizes to three great winners from three different continents on a global stage at Rio +20 in Brazil.

That first year, as applications came in we started asking questions. Long story short it began to look like what we suspected was true. It can be hard being a New Mobility entrepreneur. And it can be lonely. And there is no real network to help promote New Mobility enterprise, to support shared learning and collaboration, or to increase exposure to customers, investors, or resources and skills. Until now. This is how the Mobi Platform was born. It’s only the beginning, but we’re keen to keep it growing. Keep watching the site for new features and supports.


Please connect me to MobiNet!

By completing a simple form you can be engaged with the Mobi Platform and the SMART Network. Just complete the form to let us know your preference (you can pick any one or select all, and you can even update your information any time): 

  • Sign up for SMART e-News– the latest on SMART and SMART Partner Networks (news, resources, research, events, job opportunities etc.) – takes 30 seconds max.
  • Sign up for Mobi Monday news: – the latest on New Mobility industry and entrepreneurship (events, competitions, learning opportunities, etc.) – takes 30 seconds max.
  • Create a SMART Profile– help us connect you with the right people, events, jobs, opportunities, special invitations, & resources – takes 6 minutes max.
  • Post your enterprise on the Mobi Network (MobiNet): Profile your enterprise and connect with others of like spirit (note: in addition to entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, investors, supporters are all welcome) – takes 10 or more minutes depending on what you have at hand.
  • Apply for MobiPrize and get a chance to win recognition, cash, mentorship, and a chance to receive the award in India.




We like this definition:
“Entrepreneurship is the pursuit of opportunity without regard to resources currently controlled.” – Howard Stevenson, Harvard Business School



We like this definition:
“Innovation occurs when different points of view and different existing elements are reframed, reimagined or recombined in new ways to achieve a transformational product, process or service”. -Geoff Mulgan (Social Innovation: What is it?), Andrew Hargadon (professor at UC Davis and network theorist), and Richard Evans (arts innovation consultant).


New Mobility?

New Mobility(aka sustainable transportation, green transportation, accessibility, smart transportation — a rose by any other name) can be described as moving people, moving goods, and moving less in ways that are cleaner, greener, safer, healthier, and more equitable.



SMART (Sustainable Mobility & Accessibility Research & Transformation) is a multi-disciplinary, multi-sector initiative at the University of Michigan. It is co-housed at the University of Michigan Taubman School of Architecture and Urban Planning and UMTRI, in Michigan in the U.S.. SMART’s mission is to accelerate implementation of sustainable transportation systems in an urbanizing world, and to advance the emerging industry and enterprise that will supply them. By creating the Mobi Platform, SMART brings research, education, tech transfer, and global learning exchange to the task of advancing a New Mobility future through innovation and entrepreneurship. For more about SMART.