Amit Kapoor

| June 12, 2014

Amit Kapoor


President & CEO
icon2 India Council on Competitiveness
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Mobi is an initiative of SMART at the University of Michigan. Mobi is special because it focusses on entrepreneurship in the urban mobility space and brings to light several initiatives that have done well over the years. This in turn has a great potential of cross fertilization of ideas to other urban centers which can similarly benefit from entrepreneurship in the sustainable transport sector.quote2

border-mi I have had a long association with the SMART at the university of Michigan and have written for them as an expert in India on the Urban Mobility Cluster in India. The paper has insights and is an amalgamation of my thoughts on the way ahead for emerging economies like India with respect to urban mobility challenges that we face. It is my firm belief that the way ahead for India and certain other dense population economies is the European model with mass transit systems rather than the American model with individual cars.


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