Andrew Thabo Russell

| January 31, 2012


Andrew Thabo Russell

Andrew Thabo Russell


Director, Switch Mobility

I care about improving my world and my world is that of human transport in developing country cities. In the world that I live in people who can afford choice, see cars as a status symbol and the only means of getting around. People do not consider public, communal or NMT alternatives. And honestly, the alternatives are not yet that great.




A friend once told me about the idea of the WILLIS, the “World I’d Like to Live in Someday”.

Here is mine…
In my WILLIS we live in villages, urban villages, and we interact more with our communities.
My WILLIS has a seamlessly integrated multimodal transport network. Stations have  everything I need on my commute, a gym, a coffee shop, showers, Internet, a place for me to lock up my bike, exchange my car battery or a docking stations to charge it. They have communal cars and electric bikes and a pick-up-&-go for carpoolers.
In my WILLIS it is boring to commute alone, the alternative is just better.
In my WILLIS the company that I work for doesn’t give me a parking bay, it gives me access to better transport allowing me to spend less time and money getting to work everyday.
In my WILLIS our roads are not clogged with cars and fumes, they are thinner, giving space back to people and trees.
In my WILLIS my identity is not governed by my car, its governed by me, because I have a choice.
I want to create my WILLIS. That is what I care about.



Andrew is the founder and director of Switch Mobility, a transport management agency, currently working with the City of Cape Town on their Employee Trip Reduction Programme. Andrew has worked on numerous urban development and transport projects in South Africa. He has also written on these subjects, focusing on the perception bias of commuters.

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