APPLICATION DEADLINE for the Tumml Startup Accelerator (San Francisco, CA) is July 1, 2016

| June 20, 2016

This accelerator program has a clean energy-specific focus for American-based enterprises—check it out!


Calling all clean energy startups! Tumml is looking for entrepreneurs to apply for the Urban Clean Energy Prize – a three-month program that will support startups with clean energy solutions for our cities. The program will run from September 19 – December 16, 2016. The selected startups will each receive:

  • A $15K grant
  • Hands-on consulting services and mentorship from the Tumml team and Mentorship Board to help you pilot (or expand) your product/ service within a municipality
  • Free office space in downtown San Francisco through the duration of the program (if desired)

Tumml is interested in startups that advance renewable resource adoption and efficiency in urban areas – water, solar, wind, green building materials, etc. Renewable resources are critical to the future of our cities, helping us to: reduce greenhouse gas emissions from our power and transportation sectors; achieve better health outcomes because of lowered air, water, and land pollution; encourage responsible relationships with natural resources; and support community energy resilience.



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