Application Deadline: Infrastructure Vision 2050 Challenge, due March 15, 2016.

| March 7, 2016

U.S.-based enterprises take note! This competition is for you.

The Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) would like to invite you to imagine how infrastructure will move people, freight, and utilities around the United States of America in 2050. The winner will receive $150,000!

Infrastructure is defined as: The basic equipment and structures that are needed for a country, region, or organization to function properly.

The breakthroughs needed for the Infrastructure Vision 2050 Challenge are clear: different people thinking differently about infrastructure.

A major change is needed to bring our aging U.S. infrastructure into the modern era. To get there, we need diverse innovators (like you!) complementing, challenging, and enhancing each other’s ideas through this process.

How do you view the problems? What ideas form the solution?  AEM and HeroX are asking for your fresh, brash, and even rebellious ideas!

Ideas submitted for the AEM Infrastructure Vision 2050 Challenge must fall into one of the following three categories:

  1. Infrastructure to move people
  2. Infrastructure to move products and raw materials
  3. Infrastructure to provide utilities

These areas affect almost everything we do in any given day, so who better to solve the problem than YOU — the person who is living it? Regular people can be rock stars; you can help build the vision for the way you want to live.

The first phase of the challenge ends March 15—read up now and submit!




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