The submission and winning process is easy-peasy and fun. Here’s how it works:

  • You submit your MOBI AWARD application by completing the online form in English and sending a scan of your proof of business registration. (Please use google translate to help you fill the form in English.)Don’t forget to move the judges with images, passion, poetry. Also give them the hard facts and figures (in the space allotted, of course). If you cannot submit online, please send by registered mail to: SMART EnterPrize C/O UMTRI, 2901 Baxter Road, Ann Arbor,  Michigan 48190-2150.
    Entries must be submitted by April 1, 2012 by midnight eastern standard time  to be eligible. You will also need to prepare the ground for having appropriate documents or visas for when you win the prize and the trip to Rio.
  • A short form of all submissions will be automatically added to the SMART EnterPrize Register which will appear online for potential clients, partners, users, to see.  This is why you are always a winner! Entries that do not meet the legal requirements, or that are not registered businesses that are up and running will be removed from the Register.
  • A wise and diligent judging advisory conclave (link to the EnterPrize team) will filter, sort, cull and select a short list of the 10 – 20  from the submitted entries

The short list will take two paths:

– it will be submitted to the High Pubah Panel of Final Judges

– it will be posted on the online People’s Choice award (link) until May 15


  • 2 will be selected both by the High Pubah panel and one by the people. Together, the 3 prize winners will represent excellence in the following areas:
  1. – adding value and connecting seamlessly to the overall transportation system
  2. – serving the urban poor
  3. – encouraging young entrepreneurship
  •  winners will be notified, visas will be attained, tickets will be bought, presentations will be made, mentors will be met and learned from, and the award will be awarded via satellite for the world to see (see EVENT)




ENTRY FORM – click here