Atal Indore City Transport Services Limited

| December 21, 2015

AiCTSLIndore, India

Before 2006 there were diesel fueled tempos and other modes of public transport, which was not comfortable and safe for the public. The change was required by the citizens of Indore for a comfortable and safe mode, which could be reliable as well. The combined effect of all the above will result in an exponential growth in traffic in the city. AB Road, being one of the most important arterial in the city that has 4 extensive commercial developments, is expected to be the prime affected. With a view to reduce congestion, and address the growing traffic issues, Atal Indore City Transport Services Ltd (AICTSL) was set up in 2006, with the objective of regulating and monitoring formal public transport services in Indore. Subsequently, employing a first-of-its-kind innovative public private partnership (PPP) model, AICTSL started city bus services with negligible investment from the government.

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