Augusto Mathias

| May 5, 2014

Augusto Mathias

Advisor|Mobi Core

International Advisor
icon2 National Confederation of Municipalities of Brazil
icon3 h
Augusto quote1The world problems related to mobility / accessibility of the urban poor. It refers to the ways in which low-income people seek to get around as a form of social inclusion. Through Mobi sharing the SMART innnovative, integrated, and practical approach this contraints that are reflected in the mobility / accessibility within the context of poverty can be metigated in the ways in which people seek social inclusion and its relationship to urban transport.quote2
border-mi Augusto Mathias has held a range of positions with the municipal government.
co-ordinating implementation of multidisciplinary and multisectoral partnerships to develop integrated, practical and cost effective solutions to identified urban challenges. Augusto has served on government advisory committees in several countries. facilitating community and organisational capacity building, by assisting in the development of mandates, strategic plans, evaluation, communication and advocacy strategies.
Augusto´s greatest strengths lie in his abilities to liase with communities, to support the creation of partnerships to identify and address urban challenges, and to support community involvement and increased grass-roots participation in decision-making process.


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