Augusto Mathias

| January 30, 2012
Augusto Mathias

Augusto Mathias


Toronto International Consultants


I see myself as a change agent  participating in exchanges with many
countries, applying learning and sharing experiences and knowledge
with communities and decision makers, identifying and attempting to
address  urban challenges through sustainable partnerships with
communities and local governments.



My Bio
Augusto Mathias is the founder of Toronto International Consultants
and the International Change Agents Network. Augusto has held a range
of positions with the municipal government: Healthy City Planner,
Community Health Officer, Multicultural Health Coordinator, Race
Relations Coordinator and Diversity Management and Community
Engagement Consultant. As Healthy City Planner and International
Advisor for the National Confederation of Municipalities of Brasil.
Augusto coordinated the implementation of multidisciplinary and
multisectoral partnerships to develop integrated, practical and
cost-effective solutions to identified urban challenges





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