Berylline Corporation

| December 21, 2015

BeryllineRochester, MI, United States

Berylline is an emerging young enterprise with plans to produce the first 3-wheel F2A Hybrid Scooter in Detroit, Michigan. With a 2 wheel in-front design, this 3-wheel vehicle would provide maximum stability, ease of handling, excellent fuel economy and low emission. Early marketing research in partnership with Oakland University in Rochester Hills, Michigan, indicated that this highly efficient hybrid scooter could fit a niche segment for Baby Boomers, college campuses, and the rental/tourist markets throughout the United States. The company was able to develop and produce 2 prototype vehicles for testing and demonstration. Berylline recently received positive media feedback from Fox 2 news, John McElroy’s Autoline segment and other journalist in Detroit area. Berylline plans are to begin production in mid to late 2016.

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