Connected and Automated Mobility Solutions winners: SPLT, RideHop, and RightThereWare

| October 26, 2015

Many thanks to University of Michigan Mobility Transformation Center (MTC) for the special opportunity for companies working on technologies, applications, and/or new business models supporting a connected and automated multi-modal mobility system. Learn more about the award.

The 2016 winners of the Connected and Automated Mobility Solutions opportunity are SPLT, RideHop, and RightThereWare! 

Connected and Automated Mobility Solutions Winners

They each won:

  • Invitation to the MTC Reception and MTC Congress (2-day visit) to immerse up to two representatives from their companies in the MTC Connected and Automated Vehicle Deployments. Meets with researchers and industry partners and explore the possibility to demonstrate their technologies, applications, or business models in one of the MTC Vehicle Deployments.
  • Networking, potential membership opportunities and more…


SPLT is a Detroit-based company that makes a social carpooling platform that serves commuters (B2B) as a well as individuals (B2C) by allowing people with common travel plans to share rides to and from work. SPLT’s B2B platform adds value to businesses through increased engagement, enhanced culture, mentorship opportunities, team building, innovation potential through increase of shared ideas, increased trust, direct corporate social responsibility, the potential to repurpose space through a reduction in need for parking.

In certain areas businesses adopting SPLT will be able to meet the requirements of Commute Trip Reduction laws (currently on the books in five states) as well as receive Business Energy Tax Credits (currently on the books in seven states). The SPLT platform can assist governments and municipalities through reduced traffic and pollution, reduced wear and tear on roads, enhancements to community building and engagement. Both together and separately these benefits increase a city’s livability.


Detroit-based RideHop provides accurate and reliable ground transportation information to passengers and fleet managers in urban areas where old-school GPS systems struggle. Unlike traditional GPS hardware solutions, Ridehop is a software solution, allowing providers and riders alike to download the apps to their own devices worldwide.

Their unique multi-tenant platform allows riders, operators and regional authorities to view multiple transportation systems in one place, including: public, private, fixed route and scheduled transportation systems. Regional authorities can view actionable information about all systems in their area, and also learn about the true needs of transportation users based on unique data provided through our rider apps.

Riders can use one platform to plan trips across multiple ground transportation carriers, increasing mobility equality.

During off-peak times, fixed route systems can now provide on-demand transportation options, instead of burning fuel and sending empty buses around a loop. This will improve rider satisfaction and reduce vehicles on the road – increasing rider participation and operational efficiency while reducing the transportation system carbon footprint.


From Milan, Michigan, RightThereWare is a transportation software company with proprietary, patented technology that produces optimal ride-sharing, dispatching, navigation, routing, ETA, predictive staging of vehicles and traffic management algorithms, unifies them at a fundamental level, is predictive, and learns. This technology is suitable to serve as the brains of an intelligent transportation network and has wide commercial applicability in the areas of navigation (minimizing for time or fuel economy, and therefore cost), intelligent transportation, resource deployment, and numerous mobile applications.

RightThereWare can predictively optimize navigation for user-selected values. In addition to providing more accurate ETAs, RightThereWare can also find the fastest route somewhere in response to both real-time and predicted traffic, regardless of the shape of the route, the type of roads used, traffic or weather conditions. It can even tell you what time you have to leave for work or a business meeting – tomorrow.

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