Contemporary Social Science Special issue *Call for Papers* High-Speed Rail – Fast track to where?

| July 23, 2014 | 0 Comments

5-8,000 word submissions are sought from any social science with expertise to offer on the global experience with a high speed rail, or with comparative studies of other large infrastructure projects for a special issue of Contemporary Social Science.

The proposal to construct a high-speed rail link, HS2, from London to Birmingham by 2026, and, ultimately, to the North of England during the 2030s, is one of the biggest and most controversial UK infrastructure projects for a generation. It is one of a number of proposals to replicate the model of European inter-city rail transport that have been put forward in the US, Australia and other countries. These proposals have all stimulated vigorous public and policy debates. However, much of the evidence presented in these debates has come from consultancy reports that are often alleged to be partisan in their approaches and conclusions. This special issue creates an interdisciplinary forum for the social sciences to contribute their analyses of such projects.


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