Eye on the Prize – Mobi Trophy in the making

| May 7, 2015

MobiPrize from rvtr on Vimeo.

Back in 2012 we approached our partners at RVTR to design and produce the official MobiPrize Trophy. We loved what they came up with to marry elegance with the infinite possibilities and movement of the Mobius loop (pun intended). Three of them were presented at the inaugural MobiPrize award ceremony at Rio + 20 in Brazil. And we’ve been presenting them ever since Have a look at this video to see what led up to the finished product. And know that RVTR is now firing up their machines for 2016!

Here RVTR’s description of their design and inspiration for the MobiPrize Trophy:
“Our design for MobiPrize utilizes the geometric construct of a Mobius strip – to depict the seamless continuity and access to movement that is central to the ambitions of new mobility entrepreneurs. The form is milled from a solid billet of recycled 7075 aluminum, using a five-axis CNC gantry device, and is finished to preserve the legibility of the multiple successive toolpaths that produce its specific figure and texture. Developed with Wes McGee of the Taubman College FabLab, the project posed specific challenges for toolpath design given the combination of an object consisting of a continuous surface, and the desire to eliminate repositioning the artifact during machining so as to permit the fabrication to be undertaken in a single, continuous pass.”

Project Team: Geoffrey Thün, Adam Smith, Lisa Sauvé, Wes McGee (digital fabrication)

Music: “As Colorful As Ever” by Broke For Free (brokeforfree.com)

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