Fetch Park

| December 21, 2015

Fetch ParkProvidence, RI, USA

Fetch Park is an on-street and off-street parking system that utilizes a transponder-based app. It’s like, the EZ-Pass, and AirBNB of parking combined. Users can search for real-time parking, compare parking rates near a destination, auto-pay and walk away, without the hassle of using meters or paying parking attendants. To decrease traffic, cities can give drivers parking credits or decreased parking rates to park in low traffic areas, while raising prices in areas they deem appropriate. This helps weed out any unnecessary traffic. On-street parking relies on real time data collected from our Fetch Boxes. It uses machine vision to detect parked cars on and off our platform. Parking facility owners can adjust their rates to increase revenues. Off-street parking at parking facilities that use Fetch Park can also be reserved.

Another aspect of the Fetch Box is it uses multiple censors to measure climate conditions on the city street. Fetch Boxes can be utilized to collect data on climate conditions in order to track the progression of climate change within cities. In a world which is concerned with rapid climate change, Fetch Boxes will be a useful tool in helping to analyze the changes in climate that are occurring throughout the world.

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