Holger Dalkmann

| April 3, 2014

Holger Dalkmann


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HOLGER-FINAL quote1MOBI is already great. The focus on entrepreneurship on new mobility is strong and we feel it is better to enhance this character than trying to change the personality altogether. I like the idea of highlighting experiences in new mobility in rapidly emerging cities, and how this is helping the cities leapfrog or avoid some of the issues of cities trying to retrofit unsustainable systems (in which they may be locked-in).In sustainable terms is important to highlight the combined effects on social, environmental and economic terms.As an organization we concentrate mainly in measures that avoid the need for motorized travel (compact urban form, good design for non motorized modes) and shift travel towards more efficient modes.quote2
border-mi Holger Dalkmann has fifteen years of experience working in the field of transport, sustainability and climate change. He joined WRI in 2011 as the director for its EMBARQ program, which catalyzes environmentally and financially sustainable transport solutions to improve quality of life in cities. He provides strategic leadership and management for EMBARQ’s global staff and partners, as well as direction for its fundraising and communication activities. Holger joins WRI with a strong background in business development, research, and policy in the transport and environment sectors. He is a world recognized expert in the field of sustainable transport and climate change with more than 100 publications. With a track record in working in more than 20 countries worldwide in all continents especially in Asia, he understands the importance of communicating in different cultural context and cooperation. During his professional career he has established a strong network in the field of transport, sustainable development and climate change cooperating, working with key UN organisations, multilateral development banks, foundations, bilateral aid, private companies, non-governmental and academia.


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