Judges’ Choice 2012: Hangzhou Omnipay Co. Ltd.

| May 4, 2012

Smart Sharing LeaderJia-Yuan Fan
One line descriptionHangzhou Omnipay Co., Ltd., specialize in transports sharing system, successfully implemented projects including Hangzhou public bicycle sharing system, Segway PT rental system in Sanya China, electrical bike sharing system in Shandong, and car sharing system in Hangzhou.

Enterprize Brief
With the company vision of “Leading a New Green Life”, we are born for challenges, or we don’t know what are we living for. Proud of Hangzhou public bike sharing system, we are inspired for over 300,000 transactions per day and it’s now growing day by day. Other accomplished projects including city of Jiangyin, Zhoushan, Dongguan, Foshan; Liangzhu new town, university of Xinjiang Shihezi..,etc. We concentrate on how we can make transports sharing easier and convenient that will be listed in store.

Does your venture meet the goals of the Prize?max. 250 words (40 points)*
Omnipay’s transports sharing projects are specially designed for urban poor based on the idea of sharing resources for cost down and improving access to needs. For example, public bike sharing system in Hangzhou, 1 hr free rental meets the need of most the students, workers, and even car owners. Resource savings including time, cost, gas, parking space, etc. Currently, on connecting to public transportation, users get extra 30min free bicycle rental after a public bus riding through one card solution. Furthermore, sharing program contains the points integrating system that has been constructed for Liangzhu new town for convenient credit system. Residents can get extra points for extra free rentals through garbage classification. Through the convenient sharing program, residents formed a team to make the urban life more green, sustainable and equitable by themselves.

How is your venture unique and innovative? max. 200 words (20 points)*
Transportation sharing credit is an innovative approach for urban poor, it is different from traditional money based credit, but policy oriented. Everyone can build up his/her points through local transport policy or even extra policies from resource sharing. All kinds of transports can be series up through the credit system. For example, if you are a 1hr free bike frequently user who always returning bicycles without occupation (share riding resource for others) , you can get credits for free car sharing. Low-carbon policy followers for such as recycling, garbage classification could also get points for further. The system has been applied in Liangzhu new town with honor response.

Is your enterprise scalable or replicable? max. 150 words (20 points)*
After solving the problem of “The last 1 mile transportation” in Hangzhou city through bicycle sharing system, we successfully implement our project into the city of Zhushan, Jiangyin, Dongguan, Foshan, Xiannin, Yongchuan, Jiaxing, etc., more into residence communities, universities, and industrial parks in China. And, recently, our products have been exported to Malaysia successfully as with high quality and smart solution. In the future, we are ready for developing sharing system for electrical bikes and energy-saving cars for longer distance needs and green.

How would you demonstrate the success of your enterprise? max. 150 words (20 points)*
From 2006, as the system provider of Hangzhou public bike sharing project in 2008, we have experienced over 3yrs inspections from different city users around the world. Renting transactions are now over 300,000 times per day. And, every month, over 1 million residents are benefit from one of the Omnipay project on public transportation IC cards recharging for time and cost savings.

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