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| December 10, 2015

Jump IN Jump OUT Mobile Technologies PVT LTDMumbai, India

What is the best way to reduce traffic congestion and increase passenger carrying capacity while incurring minimal infrastructure cost; yet providing a convenient commute??

This is a “Million Dollar Question” many transport planning experts, bureaucrats and politicians are desperately trying to solve. However, it has turned into a chicken-or-egg situation. Should the public transport be strengthened first or should the private vehicles be discouraged first?

We at Jump.in.Jump.out believe the solution exists & it is “right behind” our eyes. When we are stuck in traffic jam, we do not waste even an inch of space on the road, but have we just looked over our shoulders and noticed the vast empty space inside our vehicle? Those three empty seats could mean 3 LESS CARS ON THE ROAD!

JumpinJumpout is a mobile APP with an audacious goal of having “No Empty Seats” in private, public or para-transit vehicles during peak commute hours.

The JumpinJumpout mobile application allows people to jump in and jump out of any private, public or para-transit vehicle that is going towards their destination (and willing to offer shared rides). The completely contextual and dynamic app allows people to share rides with friends only OR friends & acquaintances OR with everyone going their way. The APP is built to solve the thorny issues in ridesharing (Dependency, awkwardness, hassles) via innovative approaches (Notifications, Communities, Social Engineering)

The innovations in mobile peer-to-peer payments allow us to make the financial transactions seamless, providing a truly “Jump IN Jump OUT” experience.

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