Kal Gyimesi

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Kal Gyimesi


Industrial Software Solutions Leader
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I’m very interested in how the new mobility industry is developing and encouraging its growth. Mobi in an outstanding platform for identifying and bringing greater visibility to these emerging business initiatives that are being enabled by the integration of technologyquote2

border-mi Mr. Gyimesi leads the worldwide strategy and development of the Industrial solutions for IBM Software Group.He has over 20 years of experience leading the implementation of complex business solutions. He previously led the development of new business research for Industrial clients, specializing in the Automotive Industry at IBM’s Institute for Business Value.

Mr. Gyimesi authored Advancing Mobility: The New Frontier of Smarter Transportation that examined how the new mobility industry is developing and how automakers might stake their claim to its emerging business models. He has spoken around the world on this topic with IBM’s clients.


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