Lithium Urban Technologies Pvt Ltd

| December 21, 2015

Litihium Urban TechnologiesBangalore, India

Close to a million people are employed in Bangalore’s IT/ITES sector. This set of professionals working for MNCs support global operations. Lack of a reliable public transportation in Bangalore results in companies shouldering the responsibilities for Employee transport. Employee transportation is a business critical need – as companies work 24×7 and employees needs to clock in (login) and clock out (logout) on time. Currently Corporate transport is handled by small operators with multi-vehicular fleets.

The industry is characterized by a ’Lack of Assurance’: Uncertain service quality, opaque operations, compliance & governance issues.

Lithium Urban Technologies Pvt Ltd is the world’s first service provider that has a 100% a Zero Emission Electric car fleet for corporate transport.

Lithium provides an integrated transport management system for the Corporates. This includes:

  1. a fleet of connected cars manned by drivers who are certified and trained,
  2. Enabled by a robust technology platform and
  3. Managed by a team of world-class professionals – all for a flat fee.

Lithium has built a special purpose NOC (Node of Control) that monitors its fleet on a 24×7 basis providing the assurance and managing any escalation situations across its fleet.

The salient features of Lithium’s offering are its 7Cs:

  1. Connected: Location aware, Situation aware (lone women traveller late night)
  2. Clever: Data driven, self-learning, insightful visualizations
  3. Compliance: SLA / Regulatory / Legal adherence
  4. Compact: Spatially prudent
  5. Clean: Zero Emission fleet
  6. Cost Effective: Transparent, Financially prudent
  7. Convenient: Easy, Accessible

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