MaaS Thank you!

| January 12, 2017

Sue and I would personally like to thank you for attending and making the MaaS Week in Michigan a time for great collaboration, project development and networking between our international and local partners. The week was filled with opportunities and ideas on advancing MaaS deployment and learning.

  1. SUMMARY: This is a brief summary of the week’s events that recap the discussions, learning and next steps identified during week. Please let me, Komal ( know if there are additional things that you would like us to include.
  1. PRESENTATIONS: I have uploaded the presentations from the week to the following google drive. These presentations are being shared only with the attendees of the week. Downloading or taking screenshots of content from these presentations is strictly prohibited. LINK TO FOLDER
  1. ATTENDEE LIST: I have also compiled a list of attendees from the various events. They can be accessed here

THANK YOU again for your brilliance! Hope to see you again soon!


Komal & Sue

Category: Sept 2016

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