Medellín, Colombia

| December 21, 2015

MedellinMedellín, Colombia

Two years ago Medellín was ranked as the most innovative city in the world by The Wall Street Journal and Citigroup, beating first-world cities like Tel Aviv and New York. There is no doubt that sustainable mobility is one of the areas that shows important characteristics of innovation in the city.

Metro of Medellín, the only one in Colombia, is the company that managed to transcend as transport services company. Furthermore, it became for the inhabitants of Medellín in a way of life, a space for social and cultural encounter, and that is the main difference with the other rail transport systems in world. People in Medellín have sense of belonging for it. They do not litter and are attentive to other citizens. The Metro Culture was the strategy that positioned these practices among citizens when using the Metro, Metrocable and Metropla’s and in the surrounding of the stations, spaces for art and culture.

All these systems are environmental friendly. To complete a comprehensive system that defines the intention of Medellín to promote alternative transport, EnCicla -public bicycle system- has arrived. A service led by the Metropolitan Area of the Aburra Valley, the environmental authority and public and metropolitan transport. This service is free to the public and every day is more consolidated and is integrated to the Metro stations, as in the major cities in the world.

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