| December 21, 2015

MellowcabsFranschhoek, South Africa

Mellowcabs manufactures and operates new, electric mini-cabs that provide low cost, eco-friendly and convenient taxi and transport services in cities. These services can be provided through our mobile app, seamlessly connecting commuters and cabs. The passenger section of the cab can be replaced with a cargo section, making the Mellowcab a really versatile delivery vehicle.

We have three revenue sources, passenger fares, advertising on the vehicles and cargo deliveries. We have signed operating agreements with all the major municipalities and private precincts in South Africa, as well as long-term advertising deals with large, blue chip companies.

We manufacture the cabs in South Africa, and they hold full international road-worthy status.

Our Mellowcabs have been designed to be very safe and extremely visible, and to offer optimum advertising space on an aesthetically pleasing design. They will typically operate in urban areas, providing on-demand and street hail taxi services, and will not compete with other transport systems such as trains, buses, but rather feed into and complement existing networks.

A single Mellowcab can provide over 110km of transport per day with the standard battery pack. All our vehicles are also equipped with on-board tablet computers, which offer an interactive experience to the passenger.

Our vehicles are manufactured in a carbon sensitive environment, and feature state of the art technology.

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