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| June 24, 2015

UM-SMART Mobility Enterprize (affectionately known as the MobiPrize) is an award honoring entrepreneurial ventures (and now city, state and national governments supporting entrepreneurial ventures) that are changing the world – helping to improve the quality of life and revitalize the environment and economy of communities and regions through sustainable transportation (New Mobility) enterprise. MobiPrize is a key part of the Mobi Platform.

  • 2012: MobiPrize is conceived and launched by SMART at the University of Michigan and its local and international partners with the generous support of the Rockefeller Foundation. Read more
  • 2013: MobiPrize joins forces with the OECD’s International Transport Forum (ITF) and supports the ITF Transportation Achievement Award presented in Leipzig, Germany at their annual Summit. Read more
  • 2014: MobiPrize partners with the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) World Congress and presents the awards at 3 consecutive plenary ceremonies at ITS World Congress 2014 in Detroit. Read More
  • 2016: The MobiPrize award ceremony moves to Quito, Ecuador and partners with the Institute for Competitiveness, India and builds a new Mobi-x India space (in addition to the ongoing global Mobi Platform).

Why MobiPrize? On this planet, the number of people living in cities is growing fast. Also growing is the aging population, climate change, social inequity, traffic congestion and pollution, and economic and geopolitical unpredictability. And all this is affecting the poor and vulnerable even more deeply. In a context like this we just can’t think about or run transportation the way we used to.

Response?  Despite all odds, and from every corner of the world, cutting edge services, products, modes, technologies, infrastructures, designs, and systems are emerging to move us a little closer to more livable, caring communities and more vital and sustainable economies. These promising seeds of transformation need some nurturing.


About Mobi 2016!

UM-SMART’s MobiPrize came back, honoring New Mobility enterprises and innovators that are making the world a better place through sustainable transportation innovation! All entrepreneurs addressing sustainable transportation challenges and opportunities with innovative and sustainable solutions and business models (anywhere in the world) were encouraged to apply. So were government agencies that are fostering a new mobility industry and innovation culture.

Mobi ’16 expanded to include new prizes:

Applications closed on August 30, 2015.

But there’s more! All qualifying applicants – even those who don’t win a prize this year, will be become part of the growing Mobi Network on the Mobi Platform. The Mobi platform is an exciting cyberspace that crowd sources, connects, honors and advances New Mobility enterprises globally.

Applicants also received Mobi Monday posts full of weekly updates on events, resources, articles, courses and more that can help move new mobility ventures forward.

So don’t wait any further. Read more about Mobi 2016!

This Mobi Video was produced by Annie Gallup and Peter Gallway

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