MobiPrize People’s Choice Winners: Go Green Trikes, GoMetro, & Lithium Urban Technologies

| October 26, 2015

People’s Choice voting was open to the public for three MobiPrize categories in 2016: Global Grand MobiPrize, Michigan MobiPrize, and Mobi-x India: Best Indian New Mobility Enterprise. The winners in these categories were GoMetro, Go Green Trikes, and Lithium Urban Technologies. A big congratulations to each of them!

People's Choice Winners


GoMetro is a startup from Durbanville, South Africa positioned at the intersection of the mobile phone and urban mobility. Mobile technology is an enabler for Smarter Cities – with public transport as a showcase portfolio. Since 2011 GoMetro strives to equip commuters in South Africa with up-to-date information about their journey options. The next step will be to enable governments and urban planners to make their public transport networks smarter by analyzing precise data on both their formal and informal components.

Lithium Urban Technologies:
Based in Bangalore, India, Lithium Urban Technologies Pvt Ltd is the world’s first service provider that has a 100% a Zero Emission Electric car fleet for Corporate transport.

Lithium provides an integrated transport management system for corporations. This includes

  1. a fleet of connected cars manned by drivers who are certified and trained,
  2. enabled by a robust technology platform, and
  3. managed by a team of world-class professionals – all for a flat fee.
Litihium Urban Technologies
Go Green Trikes:

Go Green Trikes, LLC is a smart, local, green commercial cargo, shopping and delivery service in the Greater Lansing area using heavy duty electric-assist tricycles, bikes and trailers capable of carrying up to 500 pound payloads. They also provide bike-based advertising and marketing for local businesses.

Go Green Trikes

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