New Opportunity: For Connected And Automated Mobility Solutions

| May 28, 2015


NEW AWARD! For 2016 the University of Michigan Mobility Transformation Center (MTC) created a special opportunity for companies working on technologies, applications, and/or new business models supporting a connected and automated multi-modal mobility system. Such an ecosystem has the potential to impact sustainable transportation by reducing congestion, emissions, and energy consumption while enhancing mobility options in the ecosystem, as well as by protecting vulnerable road users such as pedestrians and bicyclists. The MTC has interest in technologies such as connected aftermarket retrofit devices and applications that leverage a connected and automated ecosystem to improve congestion and/or safety and/or sustainability and/or accessibility. The MTC is also interested in new business models that will enable the widespread adoption of connected and automated technologies by providing new funding models for deployment.


About the Sponsor

The Michigan Mobility Transformation Center (MTC) is a public/private partnership with diverse government and industry collaborators convened by the University of Michigan with the goal to dramatically improve transportation safety, sustainability, and accessibility by laying the foundation for a commercially viable ecosystem of connected and automated vehicles. A central feature of MTC’s approach is to test and demonstrate emerging technologies and concepts with three deployments of vehicles and infrastructure equipped on the roads of Ann Arbor and Southeast Michigan. The research will involve a total of more than 20,000 connected cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles, and pedestrians. With leadership from the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) and the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC), connected infrastructure will be deployed across Southeast Michigan. In July 2014, the University, in partnership with MDOT, began construction on the Mobility Transformation Facility, a 32-acre state-of-the-art test facility on its Ann Arbor campus to enable thorough off-roadway testing of these advanced technologies and system concepts.


Application Deadline

Applications must be submitted (either received online or postmarked) by August 30, 2015 at midnight Eastern Standard Time (EST) to be eligible. Meanwhile you will need to prepare the ground for obtaining appropriate visa documents in anticipation of winning the prize.


Who can apply?

If you own or run a legally registered business (not an NGO or government initiative) that has been operating for at least 6 months working on technologies, applications, and/or new business models supporting a connected and automated multi-modal mobility system anywhere in the world, you are eligible.



  • Travel to Ann Arbor for a 2-day visit to immerse up to two representatives from your company in the MTC Connected and Automated Vehicle Deployments. Meet researchers and industry partners and explore the possibility to demonstrate your technology, application or business model in one of the MTC Vehicle Deployments.
  • Networking, potential membership opportunities and more…

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