Susan Zielinski

| June 12, 2014

Susan Zielinski

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Managing Director
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As an urban planner in the budget-constrained Toronto of the 90’s I began to see the crucial and exciting role business large and small could play not only in supplying, but in substantially innovating sustainable transportation systems. I realized that sustainable transport is not actually a cost – it’s an investment — SAVING money; generating new jobs; revitalizing local and regional economies; and forming the foundation of a multi-billion dollar New Mobility industry. So when I got to SMART in 2006, thanks to Ford Motor company we were able to explore and help catalyze this huge emerging market. More recently thanks to the Rockefeller Foundation we were able to focus directly on the emerging New Mobility entrepreneurial space. We created Mobi Prize to “crowdsource” all the New Mobility entrepreneurs we could find world-wide, and to talk to them to understand what they need to thrive. The prize was a first step towards a platform for doing this work ongoing. So what is interesting or special about Mobi for me? Thanks to our visionary and passionate partners we are able to do very cool and needed work and to collaborate with very cool and diverse and innovative people and organizations.quote2

border-mi Susan Zielinski (M.E.S., R.P.P., Harvard GSD Loeb Fellow) is Managing Director of SMART at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. An urban planner by profession, she works world-wide with others to innovate and advance sustainable transportation systems and to help transform the industry and economy (and mindset) that will supply them.


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