Sydney, Australia

| December 21, 2015

SydneySydney, Australia

The City of Sydney has committed $220 million to the public domain elements of the project and is working closely with the State Government.

The City successfully lobbied for the construction of light rail along George St (the main CBD street) connecting the South East of the city (education and sporting facilities). Beginning 4th October 2015, the Light Rail works along George Street will commence with the re-routing of the Sydney buses away from George Street to make way for the construction phase.

People who work, live and visit Sydney will be able to walk along George Street and enjoy the beautiful buildings and new public spaces.

Since 2010 Sydney has rolled out a bicycle network, which has seen a doubling in bicycle commuter trips in that five year period, something we’re very proud of. Nowadays, separated cycleways like College Street and Kent Street carry just as many people than motor vehicles in the adjacent lanes.

The City of Sydney continues to put in 40kmph zones and implement traffic calming measures such as footpath continuations and shared streets across the LGA. We hope to reduce speed limits even further in the future. We believe reducing speeds on our roads makes them safer for all road users and creates a more calm traffic environment. The City has just completed its first trial of pedestrian crossing count down timers.

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