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| January 9, 2013

Join SMART’s Global Registries of New Mobility Enterprises (and Supporting Entities)

It all began last year with submissions to SMART’s “MobiPrize” . Since then it’s evolved into a searchable registry of New Mobility enterprises world-wide that:

  • Highlights upcoming and established New Mobility enterprises
  • Illuminates new business models and more general trends in the New Mobility space
  • Promotes specific innovations – technologies, products, services, systems, and designs that are of interest to governments, businesses, and individual customers
  • Connects enterprises and entrepreneurs to each other, supporting:
    • B to B information sharing
    • collaboration that helps individual businesses succeed and advances the New Mobility industry at the same time.


But Wait! There’s More!
In addition to the registry of up-and-running enterprises, we’ve also initiated two additional registries:

And in the Pipeline we’re developing a by-nomination-only listing of big companies that are shining stars in the New Mobility industry. We’ll keep you posted on this one. Which one is for you?


If you are a registered, for-profit enterprise and want to apply for MobiPrize 2013, please go to (application link)

If you’d like to nominate a big company for the Big Business for New Mobility registry, contact us at


We would love to include as many wonderful enterprises in these lists as we can. So if you are doing something great to advance New Mobility and want to list in any of our registries[ The Enterprise registry /The registry of Budding Enterprises/ The registry of Supporting Bodies] then please complete the following form.


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