| December 21, 2015

WIMTCape Town, South Africa

The WhereIsMyTransport API is an open platform for verified transport data that powers analytics and planning for operators and cities and communication with commuters. Metadata analysis enables cities to make optimized plans and evaluate service delivery, and direct communication solves the problem of keeping commuters informed as well as democratizes transport. Our multi-modal urban transport apps, the first in Africa, provide commuters with A to B route planning. The open API enables our collaborations with para-transport providers, who control over 70% of transport in South Arica alone. LiveSign brings live data, transport updates, and announcements to any platform or station. We integrate transport, so people can move and cities can grow responsibly.
All our technology is purpose-built for the unique needs of emerging cities. We are cloud hosted, supremely agile, and committed to building solutions that are appropriate and affordable for emerging markets. 77% of South Africa’s citizens report that reliability, safety, and accessibility are most important for their transport decisions. Five of SA’s largest cities already use WhereIsMyTransport’s platform or are in negotiations to adopt it. However, the rest of the world is growing even faster than South Africa, and rapid urbanization demands sustainable, planned transport systems. The fastest growing cities must manage their transport systems before they are overwhelmed; our solution is for them.

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